We Often Times Think We Are Healthy and Fine Only For Diabetes to Start Crawling in As We Approach Retirement

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Striking Diabetes From Their Life Before It Even Appears and Avoiding The Barrage of Medication and Expenses That comes with it

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Diabetes is The New Pandemic and 9 Out of Every 10 Persons is Vulnerable. Do You Want To Know How? Go through this page to the end as I open your eyes to secrets in the industry

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  • Does your family have an history of diabetes?
  • Do you consume tea and bread, indomie and spag, pastries, soda, fruit juice and cocacola, canned and processed food, alcohol and all sort of sugary products?
  • You are 30 and above and you weigh 95kg+
  • Belly fat and over weight
  • Are you inactive? That is you are constantly in the office or room, you hardly walk in the sun, always inside AC either in a room or in the car, you are always sitting or lying
  • If you partially or directly suffer from any of these: HBP, arthritis, dementia, kidney and other organs problem etc

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Let Me Tell You a Short Story to Help You Understand The Importance of This Cos Big Companies Want Your Money at the Expense of your health

my Story:

Diabetes is something that have tormented me indirectly for a long time, if not for this program, I would have been the next. My family had an history of diabetes. My mum couldn't walk for 5 years cos BCS diabetes damaged her legs. My dad went broke trying to manage the sickness before we lost her few years later

It didn't take up to 5years before my eldest brother, the bread winner, became diabetic. I am a muslim, I remember how we couldn't afford cow that salah because my brother was down with the illness. The pain in my heart when a big cow was in everyone's compound but we could not afford a small ram

Diabetes was hurting my family so much


Nowadays, the only thing we consume that doesn't contain sugar is pure water. Average life span has now dropped to 80years old. World health organization planned to declare diabetes a pandemic in 2020 but was muted by rich big pharmaceutical and sugary food companies

Have you noticed that hospital is now a business? they want to keep us sick to keep making money, exactly why after heavy bills, they still advise the patient customer to keep eating bread, coke and all sort of sugar so the sickness remains and the customer can keep spending

Now, you will thinking they are helping but they are not cos if you get well, how will they pay their bills?

hear me out

I used to weigh 113kg, I had constant knee pain for over a year, I'm over 40 now, if I continue gaining weight, which is inevitable, I am in big trouble but God blessed me that faithful night I saw this ad on facebook on preventing diabetes before it even strikes. I joined the program and gradually watched diabetic symptoms leave my life

I was lucky cos I knew I was pre-diabetic. Many think a person must be fat but slim people suffer the most cos they are ignorant, they only realize after doing a test which may be too late already. So instead of spending retirement money on vacation, they spend it on massive recurring hospital bills

You shouldn't wait till it's too late

You do not need to wait till it's too late. Get Rid of Diabetes Before it Even Strikes and Enjoy Retirement Free from HBP, arthritis, low back pain etc

This is not a time to panic or worry. This is the best time to invest in your health and set yourself up for a lifetime journey of good health

Join us in the Diabetes Prevention Blue Print

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Understanding the importance of preventing diabetes

Types, risks, symptoms, screening and detection

Healthy eating habits for diabetes prevention

Portion control, balanced plate incorporation, Nigerian foods, GI/GL, meal plan

How to incorporate physical activity into daily lifestyle

Exercise in diabetes prevention

Weight management strategy

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight

How stress impacts blood sugar levels and stress reduction techniques

Herbs that removes stress and how to use them to relief

How to recognize signs of high and low blood sugar and what you should do

Blood sugar levels and how to monitor them

The impacts of sleep on metabolism and insulin sensitivity

Sustaining lifestyle changes

Self monitoring tools and target ranges

Checkups and long term action plan

Knowledge is power. Eliminate ignorance and watch your life change 

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The highly effective diabetes prevention tea


The highly nutritious and limited Red Rice (3 derica)


Scarce but extremely healthy Ascocut cereal


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Mrs Adaku Okoro

About Me

I am a diabetes health management specialist consultant, a cell biologist and a geneticist

Coming from a family with both parents suffering from diabetes, I constantly watched as my parents consumed all sort of drugs every day.

I needed to grow up and end their pains but I lost them due to prolonged mismanagement which led to their demise

In 2008, I got married and suffered gestation diabetes during the later stage of my pregnancy. I thought the world will end after I lost my baby in my womb.

Today I have 4 kids and hold the permanent solution to diabetes. I have helped 1,000 diabetIc reverse type 2 diabetes, helped sufferers of type 1 learn to keep their blood sugar levels normal without need for high dosage of insulin injections

I have created physical and digital products that reversed and prevented diabetes and its cacoons once and for all. No need for expensive recurring bills and drugs after we meet

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What will I learn in this diabetes prevention course?

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What are the course prerequisites, if any?

Will the course cover, such as nutrition, exercise, stress management, or behavior change techniques?

How do I enroll in the course, and what are the enrollment deadlines?

Is this course offered online, in-person, or through a combination of both?

Will I receive a certificate or accreditation upon completion of the course?

How interactive is the course? Will I have opportunities to ask questions and engage with instructors and fellow participants?

Are there any ongoing or follow-up support options after completing the course?

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