Hello, my name is Mrs Okoro Adaku Esther. I am a Cell Biologist,  a Geneticist,  a Diabetes Health Management Consultant, and the CEO of Addys Diabetes Health Store.

I have a passion for helping  people living with diabetes manage their health conditions using organic foods, and also love to see more people living with diabetes learn to eat healthy. One of the ways i am able to achieve this is by coming up with the  Addys Diabeta Meal Plan food pack which contains food items that are low in carb, low in glycemic index, gluten free and  high in fiber. All ZERO SUGAR

One of the Major challenges Diabetes sufferers go through is knowing the right foods to eat, knowing what exact amount of food to eat that won’t have a negative impact on their blood glucose, and also knowing what exact time to eat them.

Our products are mainly sourced from plants, as majority of them come in both grain forms, flour forms and seed forms. They are easily digestible, and have little or no impact on blood glucose, making it an excellent choice for Diabetes Health Management.

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