Bambara Nut Flour


Contains potassium, phosphorus, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals such as manganese, tryptophan, lysine, valine and other amino acids, fiber content, iron, magnesium, calcium.

Low Carb

Gluten Free



  • Here are some health benefits. • Protects the body against arthritis. …
  • • Treatment of anemia. The bambara beans are best for management of anemia which is lack of blood in the body. …
  • • Manages malnutrition. The flour from these beans is ideal for management of malnutrition especially in children. …
  • • Remedy for insomia.

Can be prepared like moimoi or akara.

When preparing like moimoi, mix the flour with palm oil, then add hot water and stir till it gets dissolved. add all your spices including fish or boiled egg or vegetables and cook.


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